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  1. Relationship issues

  2. Childhood trauma

  3. Anxiety and panic

  4. Abuse: verbal, physical, sexual

  5. Domestic violence

  6. Grief and loss

  7. Spiritual issues

  8. Workplace issues

  9. Life transitions


I understand first-hand how important this connection with a therapist is, in order to heal, and trust that we can create that connection together.

I have experienced alcoholism in the family and I survived the loss of both parents to cancer as a teenager. Through thirty-five years practicing Buddhist meditation and various forms of psychotherapy, I have traveled through the pain of losses, rejection and abandonment. I have come to a place of peace within myself and to appreciate all the challenges of life.

Meditation retreats and traveling are wonderful ways that I find self-renewal. Going hiking in the mountains is a great joy to me, as it helps keep me grounded, peaceful, and reconnected to myself and to the earth.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Washington #LH00003610, and a member of the Puget Sound Group Psychotherapy Network, having graduated from Antioch University with an MA in Psychology in 1991. I am a Certified Somatic Transformation Practicioner, and am able to teach Somatic Meditation. I am also trained in Lifespan Integration, EMDR, Transpersonal Psychology, and Buddhist Psychology.

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You are the sky, everything else is the weather.

– Pema Choden

I offer you the gift of being completely present in a way that allows you to feel safe and deeply listened to on multiple levels. Your feelings and experiences will be validated. You will have the opportunity to heal old traumas and open your heart for more connection.

It is important for your therapist to really “get” you. Once I had this connection with my therapist, I experienced a major transformation. This relationship allowed me to be vulnerable—opening to depths previously not experienced. Because of it, I was able to heal my traumas and trust in myself.

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