Bellevue Redmond Kirkland professional counseling and therapy for Relationship issues, Childhood trauma, Anxiety and panic, Abuse (verbal, physical, sexual), Domestic violence, Grief and loss, Spiritual issues, Workplace issues, Life transitions


Trauma and Abuse

PTSD, childhood abuse, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, domestic violence, post-war, and crime victims

Relationship Issues

Marriage, partners, divorce, parenting, blended families, workplace

Life Transitions

Women’s issues, grief and loss, death and dying, chronic illness, career

Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorders, Spiritual Issues

  1. Relationship issues

  2. Childhood trauma

  3. Anxiety and panic

  4. Abuse: verbal, physical, sexual

  5. Domestic violence

  6. Grief and loss

  7. Spiritual issues

  8. Workplace issues

  9. Life transitions


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