Top recommended counselor and therapist in Bellevue, Kirkland and Redmond: Becky Morehead, MA


Becky opens doors of thought and meaning that are truly transformational. With her guidance, I removed the blockages caused by years of unhealthy relationships, trauma and abuse, and began to turn unfulfilled dreams, hopes and desires into reality.

– M.W., Seattle

Becky is warm and caring. Through her support, techniques, strategies and resources, she’s helped me remember to live in my body, taught me to process my physical feelings in response to my emotions and be present in my life, and is helping me find the confidence to shape my life and be a better parent.

– S.P., Mercer Island

  1. Relationship issues

  2. Childhood trauma

  3. Anxiety and panic

  4. Abuse: verbal, physical, sexual

  5. Domestic violence

  6. Grief and loss

  7. Spiritual issues

  8. Workplace issues

  9. Life transitions


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Becky guided me through a deeply traumatic time in my life and did so in a way that left me feeling cared for, while addressing the cause of my post-traumatic stress. She treats the entire person, and I always leave my sessions feeling like I have a deeper understanding of myself, and how I can be active in making my life better. I would HIGHLY recommend Becky to anyone looking for a counselor, teacher, or simply an extra set of high-skilled ears.

– M.H., Seattle

I wanted you to know that your work with me has been so very helpful. I survived the move, house hunting, pregnancy,and new job with very little stress and no fighting with my husband. I have felt grounded and a new level of perspective. I would say it was the best year in a while and best year of my marriage. I sincerely think a lot has to do with the work we did last summer. I recently have birth to my son, Conor. He is amazing and I am so in love. He is now two weeks old and he puts a smile on everyone’s face. I wish you were around because I have all types of emotions being a new parent and 10x the family pressure from a overbearing mother in law. I wanted you to know that I miss your wisdom and life coaching.

– S.T., California

To all of her relationships, both personal and professional, Becky brings wisdom, caring, and a compassionate heart. Her wisdom comes not just from her extensive education in Eastern and Western psychological studies and practices, but from her personal commitment to self exploration and growth. Her care and compassion is expressed in her desire to help others awaken to their true self and to find emotional, psychological, and spiritual balance in their lives. To work with her is a gift and an opportunity for self discovery and personal growth in a loving and caring atmosphere.

– J.O., Kirkland

conscious choices for joyful living

Becky J. Morehead, MA, LMHC, CSTP

Licensed Counselor and Therapist


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